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Rega Aura MC Phono Stage

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Phono Stage

The reference Aura MC stage is the culmination of decades of electronic design development. We have created the ultimate, fully adjustable, three-stage, all symmetrical pre-amplifier designed purely to extract the very best performance from your moving coil cartridge and vinyl playback system.

Design Innovation

Built into a completely re-designed custom case, the Aura is dedicated to moving coil cartridges and stays clear of any compromises. We have avoided including any superfluous functions as they obstruct the signal path and degrade the sound quality. The Aura phono pre-amp incorporates remarkable and innovative design ideas. If you are a vinyl connoisseur, then the Aura MC is an absolute must for demonstration.



  • Three stage, all symmetrical pre-amplifier
  • Compatible with all typical low output moving coil cartridges
  • Fully adjustable
  • Lifetime warranty against manufacture defects


The first stage is a symmetrical, complementary class A amplifier, using parallel connected Linear Systems ultra-low noise FET (Field Effect Transistor) transistors configured as a symmetrical compound pair input stage. The use of FET transistors ensures there is no bias current flowing in the cartridge coil so as not to upset the delicate magnetic geometry of the cartridge. The input circuit configuration also alleviates the use of any coupling components between the cartridge output and the input stage FET transistors, which would degrade the sound. The complementary ultra-low noise FET transistors are carefully graded and matched for optimum performance. This stage drives the passive high-frequency part of the RIAA equalisation stage.


The second stage is a symmetrical, class A, differential amplifier with a common base driver stage; this is also used as the active amplifier in the low-frequency part of the RIAA equalisation stage.


The third stage inverts the signal to provide the balanced output along with the output of the second stage; the third stage uses the same circuit topology as used in the second stage. The power supply is a symmetrical, discrete tracking power supply using fast diodes and a low noise voltage reference. Each stage has its own localised power supply and LED referenced current generators. To maximise headroom, the Aura has a power supply voltage, which is 60% higher than normally found in such a pre-amplifier. Very high quality, polypropylene capacitors have been used in the signal path. 1% tolerance polypropylene capacitors are used in the RIAA EQ stages and audio grade capacitors are used in the rest of the circuit. Gain, Mute and Mono switching is implemented using high-quality relays.



Rega Naia Turntable and Aura Phonostage Review - Read More

"The Naia manages to do two disparate and extraordinary things. On the one hand, it's the ultimate expression of Rega's design philosophy; a turntable without compromise that can hold its own against anything at the price. On the other, it's compact, easy to set up and a pleasure to use. In combination with the Aura, it is a truly spectacular device." - Ed Selley

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"The Reg Aura is clearly a top notch phono preamplifier, its build quality, range of features and sheer transparency put it in the premier league. There’s no shortage of competition at and above this price point but you don’t often get the combination of qualities that the Aura offers, and as these results show this is not exclusive to Rega cartridges by any means. So if you are looking to go deep into your vinyl grooves and have a turntable, arm and cartridge that can dig out the details in a shining and beautiful manner then the Aura is definitely a contender for your budget." - Jason Kennedy


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"The Aura combines superlative engineering and build to create an unashamedly high-end phono stage that performs remarkably well. What sets it apart from many other very capable rivals is that the Aura balances peerless accuracy and realism with the ability to deliver unbridled musical joy. I cannot recall reviewing a product quite as covetable as this in a very long time and as such, it’s one of the finest phono stages I’ve ever heard." - Hi-Fi Choice


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"Whatever I play, the full-blooded presentation is precise, articulate, ordered and assured. Tempo and rhythm are nailed. You never doubt what you’ve just heard. Typical Rega at its considerable best. Compelling stuff " 


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"We really rate the Aura. Its combination of agility, dynamic expression and rhythmic coherence is deeply impressive. If you have a system that can make the most of a phono stage of this level, dive right in. You won’t be disappointed. " - What Hi-Fi?


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"The Rega is far from cheap, although it costs almost half of the mentioned competitors’ options, but it is worth all the money for those who want to get even more out of the vinyl collection. The only prerequisite for this to be magical is that you match the player and pickup to perfection. Rega Aura MC takes care of the rest. " - Lasse Svendsen


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"That it sounds significantly better than the Ios is both undeniable and incontrovertible. There may be plenty of significantly more expensive step-up-plus-EQ devices than an Aura, but this low-output phono stage simply makes good cost-effective sense against the current cost of moving-coil cartridges. I’m therefore not surprised that I had to wait for eighteen months to get my mitts on a sample, or that Rega is finding demand outstripping its ability to supply! " - Paul Messenger




Input Load ​50, 100, 150, 300 & 400 Ω
Capacitive Load ​​1000, 2000, 3200, 4300, 5700 pF
RIAA Accuracy 0.2 dB 100 Hz to 50 kHz
Frequency Response 13.5 Hz (-3 dB) to 100 kHz (-0.2 dB)
THD 0.03%
Input Sensitivity ​69.5 dB (Gain Setting I), 63.5 dB (Gain Setting II)
Dimensions (W × H × D) 350 x 435 x 88 mm
Weight 13 kg