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REGA Aya Loudspeaker

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Developed over ten years by a team of Rega designers headed up by our founder Roy Gandy, the AYA loudspeakers promise to deliver a detailed, balanced performance no matter which genre of music you decide to play. Using Rega designed, handmade drivers, coupled with our ZRR high frequency tweeter and a new crossover, our engineers have fine-tuned every aspect to deliver the best possible performance. The sculptured cabinets and stand create an attractive, floating effect which adds to the unique appearance.


Breaking the mould

After a decade of trials and development, the Rega AYA loudspeakers are born. Housed in a unique, UK manufactured cabinet moulded from GRC, (glass reinforced cement) the glass fibres that make up the construction reduce the weight whilst increasing the structural integrity of this 2.5 way band pass design. This technique creates the perfect loudspeaker enclosure that enhances performance whilst offering exceptional value for money. Thanks to the combination of the new enclosure and drive unit configuration, the AYA loudspeakers deliver a tight accurate bass response and the Rega signature midrange and detailed highs. 



  • Custom GRC cabinet (glass reinforced cement)
  • Band pass cabinet design
  • 2.5 way system
  • Rega designed ZRR high frequency unit
  • 5" Handmade MX-125 Bass mid driver
  • 7" Handmade RR7.8 Bass driver
  • *Optional loudspeaker grilles
  • Lifetime warranty against manufacture defects

If Rega was to continue with our customer promise to deliver exceptional performance and value for money, the ever-increasing cost of real wood veneered MDF cabinets meant we had no choice but to investigate other options. After a decade of trials and development, the AYA loudspeakers are housed in a unique, UK manufactured cabinet moulded from glass-reinforced cement. The glass fibres that make up the construction reduce the weight whilst increasing the structural integrity of this 2.5 way band pass enclosure.

This technique creates the perfect loudspeaker enclosure that enhances performance whilst offering exceptional value for money. The process of moulding the AYA loudspeaker cabinets was developed alongside a UK-based company who are best known for bespoke concrete furniture and installations.

Rega fans out there will know that we have always questioned the marketing and science surrounding turntables. Experiments and research have allowed us to debunk most commonly held beliefs and use real engineering to produce world beating sound quality at sensible prices. 

However, the loudspeaker market is very different because a valid scientific and engineering discipline exists which in turn has created hundreds of competitors in the loudspeaker marketplace. The success of many loudspeakers depends on powerful marketing, eye watering advertising budgets (of which Rega spends zero) and financial inducements to retailers. The funds that most loudspeaker companies would spend on marketing, Rega has put it all into research and development to achieve a totally unique cabinet construction.

*Loudspeaker grilles are available as an optional extra and will be supplied separately. To keep costs as low as possible and avoid unnecessary waste, we have chosen not to include the grilles as standard as the majority of customers choose not to use them. These grilles are simple attached by magnet to the front plate screws to prevent  cone or tweeter damage. They are covered in quality speaker cloth material minimising any impact a fitted grille may have. Images of the grille are available in the gallery section.

Not unlike real wood, GRC has its own characteristics. Each cabinet will be uniquely different due to the manufacturing process. Changes in shade and small pin holes in the cement may occur and are an expected part of the design. Concrete inherently has marks, swirls, patterns and imperfections as a result of the casting and finishing process, features that make it both unique and appealing.



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"More than this though, the Aya feels like an evolution of existing Rega speaker design philosophy. It’s not a cosseting speaker and it won’t forgive grossly unsuitable partnering equipment or appallingly mastered recordings. Partnered with any care; be it in house or with other suitable equipment though, this is a thrillingly open and expressive speaker that makes listening an event and something that you want to keep doing. The materials might be new but the Rega experience shines through and the Aya comes Highly Recommended." - Ed Selley 


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"These are worthy of your attention and at this price point they are well positioned in the market as something a little more unique, and as with all speakers, you should try and listen to them with your own equipment" - Oscar Stewart


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"It’s easy to assume that a company that makes as many different categories of product as Rega (we haven’t even touched on digital here either) can’t be good at all of them but, blow me, if they don’t seem to be in reality. This is a handsome, well made and easy to use system that represents great value for money. It goes on to deliver a level of performance that is absolutely top notch and extremely hard to rival at the price. The new Aya loudspeaker is a radical looking thing and a brave engineering decision but the performance it offers is absolutely sensational and a great complement to the electronics range." 


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"All of this makes Aya a thoroughly ‘normal’ and usefully benign speaker that happens to be made out of interesting materials in a wholly novel way. A few users might be taken aback at how little difference the materials and design make to the performance, but when it is as compelling as this I am not sure that they will care. This is a genuinely fascinating new arrival at the price" - Ed Selley





Design Band pass enclosure
Band pass enclosure ​Glass reinforced cement
Reflex port Front ported
Drive Units Rega ZRR high frequency
Rega 5" MX-125 bass mid
Rega 7"  Bass driver RR7.8 
Impedance 6 Ω
Sensitivity 89.5dB
Power handling ​110W per channel (dependent on amplification).
Dimensions (W x H x D) 258 x 871 x 215mm (10.2 x 34.3 x 8.5in)
Weight (each) 14.1 Kg (31.1Ibs)