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REGA Brio Integrated Amplifier - Store Demo

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Integrated Amplifier

The Brio has a completely new case to house its improved circuits and parts. It now sits in an aluminium case with a steel base which boosts the Brio’s heat sinking capabilities and improves on Rega’s already solid build quality and reliability. The new Brio has a cleverly integrated headphone socket specially designed to avoid interference with the audio circuit when not in use and as you would expect, a very high specification moving magnet phono stage is built in as standard.



A dynamic masterclass

Throughout the design process the Brio has been meticulously improved in every aspect, from the quality of materials to the manufacturing process, to make this new Brio a step ahead in Rega’s engineering and design for amplifiers.



  • Integrated phono stage
  • Headphone socket
  • Mini remote control
  • Custom designed case
  • 50 W into 8 Ω
  • Lifetime warranty against manufacture defects


Key improvements have been made to the circuits. The PCB layout has been fully upgraded to handle higher specifications for all critical parts. A second raw power supply has been added to provide further isolation between output stage and the driver stage/line and phono amplifiers. This improves the isolation between high and low level signal stages of the amplifier. Higher specification MUSES operational amplifiers have been used in the line and phono amplifier.


The sleek and minimal look was designed to bring elegance to Rega’s classic style but still harks back to the swooped features hidden away in Rega’s past amplifiers. Combining all these aspects makes this Brio case a unique standpoint amongst the competition.


For convenience, the Brio has the capability to drive standard hi-fi headphones from the internal amplifier. Adding a headphone socket was only possible by finding a way to reduce its impact on the main signal path so it doesn’t disrupt the overall sound quality. We have paid special attention to the switch that deactivates the main speakers.


What Hi-Fi? Two time Product of the year, Hi-Fi Choice Editors Choice, The Best Buy and Lyd and Bilde Product of the Year.





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"We loved the Rega Brio-R enough to give it a Best Buy Award in 2012, and continued to look upon it fondly even as newer amplifiers stole its crown. There’s a price hike (the Brio-R was £480 when we first tested it in 2011), but the new Rega Brio more than justifies every single penny of its £600 price. It’s an upgrade in every way, from its redesigned features to its immensely engaging, precise and subtle sound. It’s the kind of amplifier we want to leave on and play our entire music collection through. Again and again. And isn’t that what all good hi-fi is meant to do?" - What Hi-Fi? 


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"The Rega Brio remains the budget amp to beat at its price point, it may not win the features war but it is hands down the most musically rewarding amplifier in its class. Combine that with its improved aesthetics and a remote control that is big enough not to lose in the couch and you have a piece of kit that offers fantastic value and top light entertainment in a compact container." - Jason Kennedy


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"Some amplifiers tell you what music should sound like. The Brio helps you know what music should feel like. There are amp designs that are more forensic, transcribing greater detail from recordings, but few at this price will make as much musical sense with what they communicate. Equally some competitors may present more clinical sonic vignettes, but the Brio gets the big picture spot on. And don’t pigeon hole it as a party
animal that makes a bee line for a funky bassline. The Brio would be good value for its line-level amplification alone, but add in an excellent phono stage and headphone driving abilities and it becomes stunning value. Sensibly priced integrated amps are back in vogue, and this one is a cracker"


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"Finally, the headphone section of the Brio is dynamic and powerful as well. Running it through a number of playlists with a wide range of headphones again proves its versatility, making it a great headphone listening station, even if you don’t have speakers yet! If you need high performance on a tight budget, with a slender form factor, Rega’s Brio integrated amplifiers is one of the best you can buy.


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"At the end of the day, I want to forget the gear, pull on my faded old-man jeans, pour a glass, and let the music have its way with me. Rega Research's Brio integrated amplifier understands me. It's a cracking brilliant music maker with big tone, big beat, and big ambitions. With the Brio as my guide, I felt totally sated with the sound of music. It lets me forget my cares, forget websites and hi-fi mags, and simply be one with my music. At $995, the Brio is better than it should be. Roy Gandy has done it. Again."  - Ken Micallef 

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"The Rega Brio-R only offers a small footprint but still manages to provide a full suite of inputs and associated features. More importantly, however, the sound quality is remarkably good for an amplifier at this price point. It is no exaggeration to say that the Brio-R would sit easily within a more expensive hi-fi chain and would not sound out of place. Hence, for those looking to upgrade their kit in the future, the Rega provides a solid basis or heart to a more expensive hi-fi chain. Offering great value for money, the Brio-R represents the very best in budget amplifier design." 

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"If you just want an amplifier though – something to which you will attach sources to suit and your speakers and you have £600 to spend, stop looking because this is the amp you need. There have been times during the testing of the Brio where I have felt that although I have been spoiled in terms of some of the amps I’ve had the privilege to use over the years, the performance of Rega’s baby is quite sufficient for me to spend the rest of my days with it. This is – unapologetically – an ‘old school’ amplifier but it is one that does what it does so well, it is unquestionably a Best Buy. " - Ed Selley

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"Rega just made it that bit harder to justify spending more than a grand on integrated amplifier.  Twin the Brio-R with its Rega DAC brother and you’d struggle to best that pairing for under $2k.  A new gold standard in the budget sector and – as printed on the PCB within – “a nice drop of old school audio mojo”.  Yes siree." - John Darko


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"The Brio is a very impressive piece of equipment, particularly at this price.  I just can’t really understand how they have done this at Rega but they have and this is special.  In particular, to recreate such a dominant sound in such a small box with a Phono stage built in as well is remarkable." - Simon Wilce


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"An incredibly talented amplifier in every way, this Rega Brio is an utter delight to listen to " - What Hi-Fi?





Power Output ​50 W into 8 Ω
Power Consumption 195 W
Inputs 1 x Phono input, 4 x Line inputs
Dimensions (W x H x D) 216 x 78 x 345 mm
Weight 5.1 kg