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REGA io Integrated Amplifier

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Integrated Amplifier

The io has been designed to offer exceptional Rega performance at an affordable price point. It uses the same amplifier stage as the multi-award winning Brio now designed to run at 30 W per channel into 8 Ω. The io features two line level inputs, a high specification Rega moving magnet phono stage, and a dedicated high quality headphone output. The io will integrate seamlessly into any home audio system whilst remaining simple to use and easy to set up. A must for demonstration.



Because music matters

The io uses the same power amplifier and phono stage as its larger brother, the multi-award winning Brio. The io aims to deliver exceptional sound quality in a smaller and more cost effective package. The class A/B circuit shares its DNA with the rest of Rega’s amplifiers, and as usual, great care has been taken in component selection. Sanken output transistors and an Alps volume potentiometer and a linear power supply that enables an output of 30 watts per channel into 8 Ω. Two line level inputs and a high quality moving magnet phono input are available as sources. There is a headphone output provided on the front of the unit for powering standard hi-fi headphones; this is driven from the power amplifier stage of the unit through relays to avoid signal degradation when headphones are inserted or the product is muted. A new redesigned mini remote handset is included.



  • Integrated phono stage
  • Headphone socket
  • Mini remote control
  • All new custom designed chassis
  • Lifetime warranty against manufacture defects




Rega io review - Read More

"What will most win fans over to the Rega io, though, is its class-leading performance. While it may not be the versatile, all-inclusive Marantz option, those who are happy with a simple, no-fuss, purely analogue amplifier and who prioritise entertainment should arguably consider the io their number one choice." - What Hi-Fi? 


Rega io Integrated Amp Review - Read More

"The thing is though, you don’t have to reassure yourself with the knowledge that you did the right thing. You can instead revel in the fact that you have bought a truly great amplifier. Everything that makes Rega one of the most compelling manufacturers of Hi-Fi in recent years is here in miniature. By making careful reductions to power, connections and casework, Rega has kept everything that makes their amps what they are. The io is genuinely brilliant; an amplifier that does a little less to give you more than pretty much any rival and, for these reasons, it’s an indisputable Best Buy. " - Ed Selley


Rega io - Read More

"As you'd hope, the phono stage is very good indeed, releasing Joni Mitchell's voice from the NAD's benign smothering and allowing it to regain its natural edge and purity. Once again, it's the subtle intricacy of the musical message that hits home. The io doesn't have quite the weight and colour of the Edwards, but it is a little lighter on its feet. Both stand out from the assembled talent, albeit as analogue-only propositions."


Rega Io - Read More

"My time with Rega’s Io integrated amplifier makes me remember how much fun I had when starting out on my hi-fi journey, in my case with the similarly powered NAD 3020e. Rega has achieved such a terrific performer that there really is not anything to dislike at this price. It might form an entry into the hi-fi world, but the Io would support your upgrade path for years to come with this performance. With an amplifier, really it is all about tone and soundstage for me. The tone is perfectly fine and the soundstage from the Io is remarkable. As a package with 2 line inputs, a remote, a headphone amplifier and a very good moving-magnet input stage, this is an absolutely outstanding amplifier. " - Simon Wilce


Rega io integrated amplifier - Read More

"The Rega io is so good, one is tempted to summon up a cauldron full of well-worn audiophile clichés. While it is excellent at first listen, the toughest part of reviewing a component offering such a high level of performance is that it begs being connected to much more expensive ancillaries to experience the depth of its true capabilities. You could grab a pair of budget speakers and a thrift shop turntable and live happily ever after with the io, but like that other legend from the UK, don’t be surprised to see this one in the company of much more expensive components. Watch for the audio forums of 2050 to speak of this amplifier in hushed reverence.

Of course, the io is worthy of our Exceptional Value Awards for 2020, but that doesn’t truly explain a product that gets the essence of the music so right. Audiophiles beginning their journey here may be spoiled for a very long time.

I need one!

Rega Io - Read More

"The Rega Io is a great little amplifier, it packs a punch that you don’t get from the far more highly featured competition that exists on the market and delivers music that you just want to keep playing. It will be intriguing to hear how it works with the Kyte speakers when they come through but in the meantime we have a British amplifier that most music loving Brits can afford. " 

Rega io - Read More

"It’s difficult to criticise this affordable offering on any level. Three inputs might seem a little miserly and its soundstage isn’t the deepest in back-to-front terms, but when that’s all you can think of to moan about you realise what a cracking job Rega has done with its new baby. The io looks, feels and sounds like a much more expensive unit and serves up a smooth and detailed sound quality, belying the relatively modest 30W of power output on offer – making it another worthy addition to the budget amp hall of fame. " - Hi-Fi Choice 

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"Rega io is pure minimalism on the outside, and maximalism on the inside. That it is a complete analogue is a minus for some, a plus for others, but in any case this is the most well-sounding and engaging nut amplifier we have tested so far. It is perfect for those who need a better amplifier in an existing system, and a good place to start for those who want to build a system. Add a Pro-ject or Rega turntable, a pair of small Klipsch speakers in the RP series, and you have a great vinyl rig. " - Lasse Svendsen 


Rega io Integrated Amplifier: The Audiophile System Builder - Read More

"I recognize that $2,000 for a system based around the Rega io might seem like a lot of money, but I’d argue that making it the heart of a system right now gives you a fighting chance to avoid going down the path of no return. And you’ll thank me for it in the years to come." - Ian White





Power Output ​30 W per channel into 8 Ω
Power Consumption 135 W
Inputs 1 x Phono input, 2 x Line inputs
Dimensions (W x H x D) 180 x 68 x 290 mm
Weight 2.9 kg