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Rogers High Fidelity

Rogers High Fidelity KWM-88 Integrated Amplifier - Store Demo


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Rogers High Fidelity KWM-88 Integrated Amplifier - Store Demo


Powered by KT-88 or KT-150 vacuum tubes, the Rogers KWM-88 integrated tube amplifier delivers monster performance and a dazzling listening experience. Consistent with Rogers High Fidelity’s gold-standard requirements, this Class-A Amplifier boasts superior precision, aerospace engineering, and hand-made craftsmanship that deliver a new level of realism in audio reproduction.

The KWM-88 integrated amplifier is designed to use a set of four of KT-88 or KT-150 Power tubes with no bias adjustment or changes. Just-insert the tube of your selection. The auto-bias circuit allows effortless operation for the user as no adjustments are needed to get both long tube life and superior audio performance. It also features user-selectable audio modes of triode and ultra-liner operation.

A smartphone iOS application enhances the user experience, displaying the amplifier’s output level using real time telemetry information that is smartly displayed on the application and the front panel display.

The KWM-88 uses a toroidal type power-supply transformer, and the chassis is made with heavy gauge aircraft grade aluminum. The amplifier incorporates a large, easy-to-read LCD display in addition to both left and right power output meters. A dedicated tube monitoring circuit is displayed on the unit LCD display and on the control application.