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Tributaries Series 4 Optical Audio Cable

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Tributaries Series 4 Fiber Optic cables are single mode plastic optical fiber made from 1mm crystal-clear fiber cores surrounded by a highly reflective cladding and a protective jacket. The cladding and jacket are applied in concentric layers during the drawing process to prevent damage to the fiber that may occur during a 2 step process. The constant thickness improves losses due to attenuation. The 4AO has highly polished termination ends that resemble the convex look of a camera lens to ensure maximum signal transfer. This procedure ensures less than 0.1dB loss at each termination

The Series 4 Toslink Fiber Optic cable is stocked in each in lengths from ½ meter to 10 meter


Model 4AO Highlights

Designed, packaged and tested in Orlando Florida, USA
Machine polished convex lenses
1mm single-core plastic optical fiber
Highly reflective polyethylene cladding
Toslink® SJ15 connector with molded cover
Decorative woven jacket over highly flexible black PVC jacket
Available in ½ meter to 10 meter lengths