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Tributaries Series 8 MK II AC Power Cord IEC

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All Series 8 audio cables are meticulously assembled by hand in Orlando, Florida. Series 8 MKII 3-POLE Power cables begin with extremely high-grade linear crystal copper (LC-OFC) developed specifically for audio applications. Tributaries 8P cables are designed to support low frequency 50/60Hz signals. Current capabilities of power cables are a major concern. Power amps tend to draw current in pulses. Depending on the output of the power amplifier, too small a gauge of the power cable will result in excess resistance that may restrict the peak level of a required pulse limiting the transient response of the amplifier, but if only large conductors are used the cable tends to lose dynamics and also will not respond quickly to transients; the Series 8 power cables are designed with a unique combination of individually insulated large and medium gauge wires to form an overall 12 AWG design supporting current flow and signal dynamics. The Mark II cables are silver-soldered to Tellurium (TE) copper termination pins which mate perfectly with the new Tributaries power connectors allowing the greatest amount of contact area possible for perfect signal transfer. Noise rejection is key factor in the design of an AC power cable. The 8P alternates the twisted lays in each multi-gauge conductor. Alternating lays cancels all levels of magnetic distortion. Triple shielding is employed to prevent outside noise from penetrating the signal. The Mark II power cables will lower the noise floor without restricting audio dynamics leaving you with more of the recorded audio and video for crystal clear dynamic experience.

The Series 8 Mark II 3-POLE Power cable is stocked in each in lengths from 3 foot, 6 foot and 9 foot with custom lengths available


"After installing Tributaries Series 8 power cables, my WIFE asked ‘Did you change something with the TV?’ she went on raving about the vivid details: I was impressed!!"

Nick Scudero,|Technology Professional


Model 8P-IEC Highlights

Assembled by hand with foreign and domestic parts in Orlando Florida, USA
3-Pole 15Amp Straight IEC > Straight AC power cable
Large 12AWG LC-OFC wires don’t starve power amps of power
Multi-gauge geometry design is optimized for low frequency AC signals of 50/60Hz
Propriety winding techniques & triple shielding ensure low noise transfer
PVC dielectrics isolate vibration from alternating current from entering the signal path.
Silver soldered to gold-plated Tellurium (TE) copper termination pins
Non-magnetic nylon power connectors are both durable and light-weight
Decorative woven jacket over Rugged black PVC jacket
Available in custom lengths