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SolidSteel Hyperspike HF Elite Series Rack

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Hyperspike HF Elite Series Racks 

Èlite High-End Audio Racks

  • High-End Racks for AV Systems
  • Ennobled MDF wood with Veneer Finish
  • 80 kg (155 lb) of maximum load per each shelf
  • Modular frame in full stainless steel INOX

The HF Series is our Èlite range of High-End racks designed for AV systems.










Since its first official launch in 2006, the Hyperspike Series is been classified as our top range of products. It united our premium Italian design to the innate tendency we have for research and innovation, making our brand famous worldwide. In 2018 Solidsteel writes a new chapter of its history. The audio passionates and emotions are always more the main target of the project. The innovation and audio market needs offered new positive ideas and our catalogue now have new excellent solutions for the top audio systems.

We like to define the HY Series as a “Functional Beauty”. Equilibrium between functionality and quality merge on the HY racks, which are the natural four-pillar evolution of the well known Hyperspike Junior (HJ Series) models, made from decades for satisfying the needs of offering Hyperspike stands at affordable prices. A furniture solution of unique style, faithful to the stylistic lines of our brand and made of premium materials. Thanks to the perfect combination of its parts, the HY Series is actually our best offer with value for money.














Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Materials Stainless steel INOX:
[Main Frame, 39mm diameter], [Upper terminations], [Bottom terminations], [Adjustable spikes], [Protective floor discs (Pads)], [Screws].
MDF Ennobled Wood, 30mm of thickness (Carb 2):
Clearances between Shelves [mm] HF-A/B/C: [135] from the floor
HF-2: [305]
HF-3: [305/205]
HF-4: [305/205/205]
HF-5: [305/205/205/205]
Clearances between Shelves [inch] HF-A/B/C: [5,3] from the floor
HF-2: [12]
HF-3: [12/ 8]
HF-4: [12/ 8/ 8]
HF-5: [12/ 8/ 8/ 8
Product Èlite High-End AV Rack
Size 2 Shelves, 3 Shelves, 4 Shelves, Custom Kits
Colours American Natural Walnut, Indian Rosewood, Indonesian Ebony Macassar