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SolidSteel S3 Series Rack

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S3 Series Rack

Reference Hi-Fi Racks

      • Hi-Fi Rack for AV Systems
      • Ennobled MDF wood with Polymer Laminate Finish
      • 60 kg of maximum load per each shelf
      • Modular

      The S3 Series is our reference range of Hi-Fi racks. These traditional models are some of the most appreciated products in our catalogue: a must-have solution for passionates who desire improvements for audio systems.










      All materials are carefully made and selected, combined for finest efficiency. The frame and its screws are made by galvanized metal parts, varnished with powder. Anodized aluminium for the poles which are also filled with damping material (sound absorbing foam). On the bottom our historical spikes, in stainless steel (M8 of thread), always adjustable. The shelves (of dimensions 580x430mm, with 30mm of thickness) are in ennobled MDF wood finished with beautiful polymer laminate of superb quality.

      The racks are all modular, each level’s height can be customized min 145 mm and max 365 mm) and it’s possible as well to add extra shelves after the purchase. Our “S Series Pads . protective floor discs” are always included into each S3 product.

      A maximum of 60kg can be loaded for each shelf. The power amp stands can support up to 120 kg





      Weight N/A
      Dimensions N/A
      Frame Stainless steel:
      [Upper terminations], [Bottom terminations], [Regulable spikes], [Protective floor discs (Pads)].
      Aluminium tubes:
      Filled with StratoCell (sound absorbing) foam for inner poles.
      ABS plastic:
      Protective discs on every shelf.
      Inner Shelves Dimensions [mm] S3-2: [325]
      S3-3: [245/245]
      S3-4: [245/225/225]
      S3-5: [205/205/205/205]
      Inner Shelves Dimensions [inch] S3-2: [18,7]
      S3-3: [16,9/16,9]
      S3-4: [9,6/8,9/8,9]
      S3-5: [8/8/8/8]
      Product Audio Rack, Amp Stand
      Size 2 Shelves, 3 Shelves, 4 Shelves, 5 Shelves, A – Regular Amp Stand, B – Small Amp Stand, Custom Kits
      Colours Black, Walnut, White