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SolidSteel S5 Series Rack

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S5 Series Rack

Advanced Hi-Fi Racks

        • Advanced Hi-Fi Racks for Audio Systems
        • Ennobled MDF wood with Polymer Laminate Finish
        • 55 kg of maximum load per each shelf
        • Modular

        The S5 Series is the advanced range for our selection of Hi-Fi racks. These sophisticated models are some of the most foremost products in our catalogue: a great upgrade solution for passionates who really aim to damp vibrations on their equipment.








        The S5 Series is the actual expression of our essential philosophy. It is fruit of the union between the technical research dedicated on the functionality of our products and on the absolute care of the aesthetic sense that has always been accorded. Thanks to the priority assigned on the qualitative research dedicated over the years to the ideal materials, all the main characteristics of the previous products – made by welding processes – have merged with the most valuable technical properties improved over the years through the development of Hyperspike line. It born in this way a basilar range of equipments mainly characterized by the excellence, quality and simplicity of its components. The S5 Series products are distinguished by shelves designed and decoupled on two levels. The main shelves, perforated in their central areas, are processed with embedded particulars made of steel. The secondaries shelves, instead, via their placement on our new steel cones, generate the decoupling designed for our innovative system studied for the contrast of component’s vibrations. In particular, when placed on their relative steel discs (S Series PADS), our traditional steel spikes download toward the ground the set of accumulated vibrations from the whole structure during the normal use. This works finely to provide high levels of functionality. The aluminum tubes, as well as for the S3 Series, are filled with damping material (not grainy) and through their secure fastening system allow anyone to adjust the rack with preferred heights. Ultimately, the customization is combined with the product technology described above, where the users can always adjust the heights of the plates on the shelves in order to enjoy a valid technical equipment at the service of their facilities or systems.







        Weight N/A
        Dimensions N/A
        Frame Stainless steel:
        [Upper terminations], [Bottom terminations], [Adjustable spikes], [Protective floor discs (Pads)], [Adjustable Cones], [Screws].
        Tubes filled with StratoCell (sound absorbing) foam for inner poles.
        ABS plastic:
        Protective discs on every shelf.
        Inner Shelves Dimensions [mm] S5-2: [305]
        S5-3: [305/205]
        S5-4: [305/205/205]
        S5-5: [185/185/185/185]
        Inner Shelves Dimensions [inch] S5-2: [12]
        S5-3: [12/ 8]
        S5-4: [12/ 8/ 8]
        S5-5: [7,2/ 7,2/ 7,2/ 7,2]
        Product Audio Rack
        Size 2 Shelves, 3 Shelves, 4 Shelves, 5 Shelves, Custom Kits
        Colours Black, Silver/Black 30th Ann., White