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Stillpoints Aperture Cloud System

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Aperture Clouds

The Stillpoints Cloud System was designed to break up ceiling reflections. Like first
reflections from the side walls, ceiling reflections will blur the signal coming directly from
your loudspeakers.
The Stillpoints Cloud System consists of high-density fiberglass panels with a scrim and
cloth covering. The panels are suspended via 2" and 4” magnet stems allowing diffusion
and absorption of energy on all 6 sides of the panel. The Cloud panels can be arranged in
a variety of formations. Threaded inserts for the magnet mounting system plus hardware
and mounting template are included.

The Aperture Cloud System contains:

• 2 Aperture Cloud Panels - White
• 8 Fender Washers 1/4" x 1.50” OD
• 8 Drywall Screws #6 x 1-1/2"
• 8 Drywall anchors
• 4 2-1/2" Magnet Assemblies
• 4 4” Magnet Assemblies
• 1 Mounting template

Tools needed (not supplied)
o Phillips screwdriver (power screwdriver recommended)
o Mirror
o Measuring Tape
o Masking or painters’ tape
o Laser marker will be handy to have

Please Note: It is recommended to start with 2 sets then add more as needed for
your space.