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Synergistic Research

Synergistic Research Black Box

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Black Box

Deep space meet deep bass.

There is no other compact acoustic treatment device that you can place in your listening room to solve your low-frequency problems except the Synergistic Research Black Box. Based on our award-winning and patented sympathetic resonance technology, the Black Box is an (all in one) Broad Spectrum Low-Frequency Resonator Array with UEF Tech that effectively eliminates bass nodes while expanding your room’s ability to accurately portray low-frequency information and spacial content. Working from the principle that all frequencies in the audible bandwidth are linked through harmonics, the Black Box balances low frequencies, mid-range, and high frequencies through a mathematically derived algorithm based on tuned sympathetic resonance. So when you get the phase correct at 20Hz for example, it clears up every multiple of 20Hz so, 40Hz, 80Hz, 160Hz and on.

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Black Box


Even if you don’t have a bass problem in your listening room you can benefit from the Black Box. With improved low-frequency definition in perfect phase alignment with all frequencies that make up your favorite music, you hear natural sounding bass in a holographic soundstage with mid's and high's that sound natural and transparent. And unlike large bass traps, the Black Box performs this feat in a small, aesthetically pleasing package. The Black Box sits on three stiletto spikes decoupling it from your floor for improved response. Black Box measures only 9.5″L X 9.5″W X 6″H (8″ when spiked) and weighs about 8 lbs.



Black Box

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Black Box




Black Box



Black Box

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It becomes clear why the fine-tuning of placement matters almost the moment you put the Black Box in the room. Ignoring the bass for a moment, careful tuning snaps the soundstage into sharp focus, adding significantly to the air around instruments within that stage. We can’t ignore bass for too long as that ‘snapping’ into focus has a significant impact on soundstage solidity. Instruments that were seemingly ‘floating’ around the stage are now so ‘planted’ in 3D space, you’ll feel like watering the musicians. This is helped by a distinct sense of improved midrange clarity and even high-frequency extension.

And it’s now that we get to that bass; the Black Box excels at defining the shape and texture of bass notes, whether they are bowed, plucked, struck or electronically derived. Bass notes don’t just ‘start’ and ‘stop’ with greater precision; the physical ‘thereness’ of bass sounds are so precise you will be more able to recognise the difference between both instruments (like a Fender Jazz and Fender Precision bass) and the different style of otherwise very similar players. And, as ever, it’s outstanding at portraying musical intent; letting the musical presentation of the audio equipment do what it does best.

Alan Sircom - Hifi+ - December 2022

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