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Synergistic Research

Synergistic Research Galileo SX XLR pair 2.5m - Store Demo

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Galileo SX

Interconnect Cables

The refinement of perfection.

Galileo SX starts with the most complex interconnect geometry we’ve ever hand built in our California factory from pure 99.9999% Silver with Teflon and Air Dielectrics. We then apply a new UEF Graphene compound first developed for our SR Blue fuses for increased low-frequency impact and control, as well as increased detail and musicality. The shields have also been reworked with a new UEF Matrix Shielding Pattern that dramatically lowers your systems noise floor to deliver a holographic sound field that is totally effortless and completely musical.

Next, we reworked the multi-layer UEF Inductive Filters encased in carbon fibre to condition signal outside the signal path with a new UEF Graphene Compound from our SR Blue Fuses. Together these innovations lower your noise floor for detail and nuance that otherwise would go unnoticed. And we’ve revoiced the Galileo UEF Tuning Modules voiced expressly for Galileo SX so you experience increased resolution with non-fatiguing musicality, whether you select the new Silver or the Gold Tuning Modules. In short, we took the world’s highest performance interconnects and significantly upped their game with an emphasis on decreasing the noise floor and increasing musical satisfaction with a sound that is detailed, harmonically rich, and holographic.

Lastly, we treat each Galileo SX interconnect with the same conditioning process we developed for SR Blue Fuses and this increases their musicality as well as shortens their break-in time so you spend more time listening to music, not waiting for your cables to burn-in. And of course, we hit each Galileo SX interconnect with 1,000,000 volts of electricity on our big Tesla Coil with a new sweeping frequency pattern that dramatically improves how the signal propagates for the most efficient signal transfer possible. 


Global MSRP
US $7,500/1m Pair - RCA
US $9,500/1m Pair - XLR