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Synergistic Research

Synergistic Research PHT: Phono Transducer (Pack of 2)

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PHT — Turntable

Control is power.




Get more from your analog rig when you add PHT (pronounced ‘POT’) to upgrade your phono cartridge all without ever changing your phono cartridge. Simply apply one PHT -or- Phono Transducer, either Type ‘I” or Type ‘S’ atop your phono cartridge or head-shell and immediately hear a dramatic shift in presentation. Of course like all UEF based tech you hear a lower noise floor, increased resolution, and improved bass extension with increased air and soundstaging. Available in two distinct strains, the Type ‘I’ Black Widow PHT’s add holographic realism to your recordings while Type ‘S’ Green Dream is all about focus, clarity, and musicality.

Available in two distinct strains:
Type ‘I’ PHT is called Black Widow. Its sound is ethereal, lush and holographic. You’ll definitely ‘trip out’ the first time you experience your system on Black Widow!

Type ‘S’ PHT is called Green Dream. Its sound is focused, precise and musical. The first time you listen to your favorite records on Green Dream you hear your record collection anew with before unnoticed spacial cues and clarity you never dreamt possible. It’s like getting a new and altogether higher grade cartridge all by simply adding one tiny PHT to your analogue rig!

Owning both Black Widow and Green Dream PHTs is like having two state-of-the-art cartridges costing thousands of dollars each, for the price of a good stylus pressure gauge!

Sold with a no-risk 30-day money back guarantee. $199.00 per pair


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“but adding that blue PHT produced an ear-popping, Cinerama-like, wraparound soundstage, and an overall sound even less tethered to the speaker positions. The image focus was increased without producing razor sharpness, and there was greater front-to-back separation of sources within the soundstage.

In “All the Things You Are,” Bennett’s voice jumped forward in three-dimensional relief—almost alarmingly—while the xylophone hovered more convincingly well in front of the speaker plane. Decays were longer, and the backgrounds they faded into were “blacker.” The applause produced layered, contoured, front-to-back of the room depth. It was easy enough to remove the PHT and, of course, reset the Lyra’s vertical tracking force (VTF). It still sounded great, but with the blue PHT in place the sound was clearly better overall, with improved focus, three-dimensionality, and transparency. A purple PHT produced a less intense but equally noticeable change, mostly in increased midband richness and solidity.—Michael Fremer”

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