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Synergistic Research

Synergistic Research UEF Performance Enhancer

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UEF Performance Enhancer

Contact your doctor when listening sessions last longer than four hours.



UEF Performance Enhancers are a new UEF filter that lower your system’s noise floor, so you hear more music with greater clarity and less noise for sweeter highs. We start with a new UEF Compound, first developed in conjunction with our flagship cable loom, SRX. When you pop one UEF Performance Enhancer in your system, you’ll find yourself listening longer and, perhaps, at lower volumes as your system seems to flow better. When you insert a second UEF Performance Enhancer, you will likely hear a magnification of what you experienced when only one filter was in your system. Improvements include deeper and tighter bass, an expanded soundstage, and detail that rises above a now lower noise floor. But be careful; UEF Performance Enhancers are powerful, so you may find yourself groovin’ late into the night!


Available online. Shipped in discrete packaging.



Performance Enhancer


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 “Close on the heels of their UEF Record Weight now comes a turntable mat comprised of a circular sheet of carbon graphite with a concentric cover of “leather alternative”, both precisely die cut. Add to that their magic UEF sauce between the layers. Having experimented with numerous mats over the years in my ongoing Linn Project I gave it a spin, placing it atop the superb Soundeck mat that replaces the outer ring of my Linn platter. As good as the Soundeck is, the SR mat improved the resolution even more, revealing micro-details, dynamics and tonal color that I didn’t know existed on even my garage sale LPs. But the fun didn’t end there. I then swapped out my reference record weight with the new Synergistic Research SX Record Weight. The music went from being interesting and revealing to full-on toe-tapping with neck-to-ankle goosebumps upon my clammy skin on a hot summer day.”

Rick Becker ,


Received my long-anticipated Synergistic Research record clamp today!! It comes with two tuning modules (red & blue) that sit at the top of the clamp. It’s deceivingly heavy when I unpackaged it. I fired up my system and let the tubes warm-up for about 15 minutes and let er rip! I listen to my setup hours a day.. I know it better than the back of my hand. I immediately could tell the difference! Holy crap!! I was playing Clapton and my wife from her office came in and told me she thought the guitar sounded live in our house! I couldn’t agree more. The airiness and definition was astounding. I settled on the blue module. It was a bit more settled and warm. Every nuance could be heard but zero harshness. I would recommend this even to my enemies!  The red shined playing jazz.. I’ve not yet tried other genres.. I’m enjoying this way to much to switch!! SR outdid themselves with this one!

Greg B. , Florida