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T+A Caruso All-In-One Music System

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All-In-One Music System

The Caruso

In the Autumn of 2008 T+A introduced the first Caruso to the market, and within a very short time it acquired cult status due to its unique design philosophy and high-quality construction. Its direct successor - the Caruso Blu - continued this heritage in a modernised form, but the new Caruso undoubtedly represents the greatest step forward in the development history of this equipment: in terms of external appearance and technology it has been re-designed from the ground up, whilst remaining faithful to its roots.
It reproduces all sources in outstanding quality via its seven integral loudspeaker systems.
Three power amplifiers with 100 watts continuous power for the subwoofer system and 50 watts each for the mid / highrange units are coupled directly to the loudspeaker chassis. Thanks to the Caruso’s digital signal processor the whole is controlled by an ultra-precise active cross-over unit (active loudspeaker concept). Several different sound characteristics are available, ensuring that the system always delivers excellent sound quality regardless of its positioning. For a device that small the sound experience is incredible, and the key feature behind this is the consistent use of aluminium subassemblies, we call it T+A Aluminum Framework.

7 Inch Touchscreen

We decided to develop the new T+A NavigatorOS in order to encompass the huge range of the Caruso’s functions: a seven-inch touchscreen includes all the control elements required, while the software as a whole was designed with intuitive operation as top priority. For the first time the NavigatorOS enables large-format cover art to be displayed on the device itself. Alternatively the Caruso can be operated using the FM Caruso remote control handset as well as the T+A CarusoNavigator App. The slot for the modern CD mechanism is located above the touch-panel. Sound from that source is exceptional, and thanks to the generous buffer - more than twenty seconds - it operates completely distortion-free even at very high volume. All relevant information is displayed on the playscreen.


The range of connections on the back panel indicates the universal scope of the Caruso’s facilities. The set can be used simply as a compact system offering impressive sound quality, but it can equally well be upgraded to form the core of a high-quality Hi-Fi system simply be connecting a subwoofer or additional active loudspeakers. Two analogue inputs are also present, typically for connecting a turntable with phono pre-amplifier and one further analogue source, plus two digital inputs for connecting TVs or set-top boxes. Aerial inputs are present for Bluetooth, WLAN and FM/DAB+ radio. Since the DAB+ and VHF tuners are capable of delivering superb sound, it is certainly worthwhile to connect a high-quality external aerial. Access to the latest music media is provided by the LAN socket, the WLAN aerial and the USB input; the Caruso automatically detects the streaming sources connected to it, and exploits the facilities of your network and the Internet in optimum style.

Streaming Client

A new streaming client, developed specifically for the Caruso, provides access to a vast range of services and sources such as Gracenote Musik ID, Airable Music Services, Spotify Connect and even Amazon Alexa.
The superior sound of the Caruso can be traced back to two features: the first is the active design philosophy of the sound system and the quality of the integral loudspeakers, while the second is the adoption of the latest generation of very powerful digital signal processors. Not only does the DSP linearise and optimise the frequency response of the integral drive units, at the same time separating the frequency ranges with a steep cut-off, but it also ensures that the dispersion characteristics of all systems maintain correct phase. The net result is that the Caruso generates a phenomenally well-balanced, natural and clear sound image in the whole listening area. It is also possible to fine-tune the sound contours to suit the unit’s position in the room. If necessary, bass, mid-range and treble can be adjusted, as well a very effective loudness function is available


The baseplate of the Caruso carries a high-performance bass driver featuring an extremely large magnet with a deep drawn pole plate and a rigid, well-damped aluminium cone and surround, permitting extremely large excursions. These features enable it to generate deep bass response at very high levels without suffering distortion. However, even this sophisticated driver would not be capable of delivering such tremendous bass from the Caruso’s small case without the support of two bass-tuned passive radiators. These are located in the left and right side panels, behind the loudspeaker grilles.
The mid / treble range of the left and right channels is handled by two sets of newly developed mid-range / treble units and dome tweeters, which are inset into the aluminium front panel of the inner case, inclined slightly to left and right. They are very linear in response, and reproduce the entire vocal and treble range from 200 Hz to more than 30 kHz with an ultra-wide dispersion angle. Each of the speaker sets is driven directly by its own power amplifier stage, i.e. they are direct-coupled, without the passive components of conventional crossover units. This active design philosophy maintains a very high damping factor, and helps to optimise the system’s peak handling and radiation characteristics; this is crucial to the Caruso’s outstanding spatial sound image. The output stages with their direct-coupled drivers are controlled by the integral DSP, which is responsible for every aspect of signal processing from linearisation to crossover frequencies, and is entirely loss-free in operation.
The weight of the Caruso is an indication of the unit’s internal ruggedness. The case is enormously rigid thanks to its newly developed T+A Aluminium Framework: a complex profiled extrusion acts as the load-bearing support for the entire internal architecture. The result is that the Caruso’s net internal volume is relatively large, which in turn contributes to its astonishing reproduction of very deep bass. Even at extremely high levels the case remains composed and resonance-free.

Aluminium Framework

The weight of the Caruso is an indication of the unit’s internal ruggedness. The case is enormously rigid thanks to its newly developed T+A Aluminium Framework: a complex profiled extrusion acts as the load-bearing support for the entire internal architecture. The result is that the Caruso’s net internal volume is relatively large, which in turn contributes to its astonishing reproduction of very deep bass. Even at extremely high levels the case remains composed and resonance-free.


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"T+A has recently expanded the Caruso line to include the Caruso R, essentially a Caruso without any drivers, plus two new loudspeaker models intended to be paired with it. The S10 bookshelf and R10 floorstanding speakers share the design aesthetic of the electronics, while edging us back towards the form factor of a traditional stereo system. But I don’t think one-box audio has ever been done better than with the subject of this review. Some compromise is necessary, but lifestyle functionality and audiophile sonics do indeed happily coexist in the diminutive package called Caruso." - Andrew Quint

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"The FM tuner is much of a muchness with the other units in the group, which is to say, decent. Internet radio proved a lot of fun and the sound from this and also iPod and USB sources seemed good too. The USB input will play uncompressed files (most won't) so is, in principle, capable of full fidelity." - Tech staff

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"What has surprised me, pretty much from the moment I turned it on though is how close it gets at times whilst being as convenient, user friendly and generally clever as smaller and more ‘normal’ wireless speakers. If you can’t face the system matching hassle, you don’t want the extra boxes, complexity and general faff that comes with breaking things up by role, the T+A starts to make more and more sense. I don’t know how big the market is for a device like this but I suspect it is more significant than you or I as ‘traditionalists’ might expect. This is a unique product but one that works well enough across its many functions and features to earn our enthusiastic Recommendation." - Ed Selley

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"Viel mehr High End im All-In-One-Style als mit dem T+A Caruso geht kaum. Wer das ultimative Edelradio mit Streaming-Kompetenz sucht, ist hier richtig. Als Soundbar-Ersatz ist der Caruso mangels Basisbreite und Stereobühne weniger geeignet. Und als Klangersatz für herkömmliche HiFi-Anlagen ist er nicht gedacht. Doch für alle anderen Einsatzgebiete eines solchen Alleskönners hebt T+A die Messlatte ein ordentliches Stück an. Der Caruso hat Leistung im Überfluss und bietet Wiedergabemöglichkeiten von zahlreichen internen und externen Quellen on- und offline. Dazu ist seine Bedienung über Touch-Display, App und IR-Fernbedienung sehr komfortabel. Somit ergibt sich die Zielgruppe quasi von selbst: Wer das ultimative Streaming-„Tischradio“ sucht, das Design mag und das nötige Kleingeld hat, dürfte kaum eine bessere Alternative finden. Für Liebhaber größerer Stereo-Klangbühnen liegt die Alternative auf der Hand und sie heißt T+A Caruso R mit passenden Lautsprechern." 2/2022 - Read More

"Zijn formaat en prijskaartje maken de T+A Caruso een luxe-inzending in het segment van draadloze speakers. Het is dan ook veel meer dan dat. Onder meer vanwege de gesofistikeerde driveropstelling, de ingebouwde radiotuners, de cd-speler en vele ingangen spreken we hier eigenlijk over een compleet muzieksysteem. Dat je meteen naar muziek kunt luisteren via de ingebouwde stereospeakers is een grote troef. De vele, vele opties worden overzichtelijk gepresenteerd door de interface op het grote touchscreen en via de app. Bovenal is de Caruso een zeer krachtig speakersysteem, waarbij muziek detailrijk en krachtig wordt gepresenteerd op een verrassend bed van bassen." 

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"Tonal ausgewogen und schon mit der bordeigenen Lautsprecherbestückung mit einem überaus konturierten Bassbereich und kultivierten Höhen gesegnet, sorgt der Caruso vom ersten Ton an für Hörspaß, kann groovige Partynummern ebenso schlüssig über die Rampe bringen wie packende Opernarien." 

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"Der klavierlackschwarze Würfel mit dem Touch-Display auf der Front, der edel wirkenden Deckelplatte aus gebürsteten Aluminium und den diversen Anschluss-Optionen auf der Rückseite ist die vielleicht kompletteste Komplettanlage, die es jemals gab. Oder der stylischste Gettoblaster.

Caruso hat die Lautsprecher schon eingebaut, er kann sofort lossingen, wenn man ihm einen Stromanschluss und eine Verbindung zum heimischen LAN spendiert.
Er ist kein Blender, keine mit überzogenen Frequenzbereichen vordergründig punkten wollende Showmaschine, sondern solides HiFi, von T+A." 

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"Le Caruso délivre sans aucun doute le son le plus pur et le plus crédible possible dans un com-biné de ce volume. T+A en dit peu sur le trai-tement appliqué au signal avant amplifi-cation, mais la scène sonore laisse pantois alors que la proximité des médiums dans cette façade de 29 cm rendrait la chose en théorie impossible. De même pour la transparence et le sentiment de plénitude générale qui se dé-gage à l’écoute de ce combiné d’une classe à part. Une belle réussite de plus à mettre au crédit de T+A." 

Forbes 11/2020 - Read More

"The T+A Caruso is a stunning piece of kit that provides almost anything a HiFi buff could want in a single box... and then some. It can be a bit Teutonic in its interface but everything you need is included plus the app is very stable. The sound quality is impeccable and can rattle the teacups when cranked up. There’s enough amplification for large spaces without the sound getting lost. It’s even loud enough for parties, should we ever be allowed those again. The T+A Caruso is already a success in Germany where the brand is better known. However, T+A has a good dealer network in the UK so there’s no excuse for not going out and giving the Caruso a listen. I promise that you won’t be disappointed." 

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"Was auch - im Rahmen des Konzeptes, klar- überzeugen kann, ist die Bühnendarbietung, naturgemäß eine Schwachstelle von kleinen All-in-one-Konzepten. Doch - der raffinierten Treiberplatzierung sei Dank - auch hier kann der Caruso punkten. Würde ich mich also noch mal neu einrichten, könnte ich mir durchaus einen Caruso bei uns im Schlafzimmer vorstellen. Aber nur den von T+A! Und nur zum Musikhören." 

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"Der Caruso von T+A hat beim Testen enorm viel Spaß bereitet. Die Vielseitigkeit, der kraftvolle und straighte Klang, die Verarbeitung, das riesige Touchpanel, die Einstellmöglichkeiten - die Wunderkiste aus Herford hat einiges auf dem Kasten." 



Formats / Frequency responce CD-DA (12cm), CD-R*
CD-RW*, Audio CD
MPEG 1 Layer 3 (MP3)
Windows Media Audio (WMA, DRM not supported) / 2 Hz - 20 kHz/100 dB / CD-Text.

Streaming Client

Services Tidal, Deezer, Amazon Music, qobuz, Spotify Connect (subscription required). DLNA

LAN: Fast Ethernet 10/100 Base-T

WLAN: 802.11 b/g/n

USB 1 x USB 2,0 Mastermode
Standards / Codecs

A2DP 1.2 (Audio), AVRCP 1.4 (Control) / aptX®, MP3, AAC, SBC

Bi-directional sink + source


Internet Radio Airable Internet Radio Service (> 11000 stations worldwide)
FM 87,5 - 108 MHz; sensitivity 1 µV; S/N > 65 dBA
DAB+ 168 -240 MHz (band III); sensitivity 2,0 µV, S/N > 96 dBA
Features RDS/RDBS, station name (PS), station logo, radiotext (TR)


Total output power 200 Watts nominal, 300 Watts peak
Distortion <0,02 %
Inputs 2 x AUX (RCA) 2 Veff max<br>1 x USB 2.0 Mastermode,<br>SP/DIF:1 x coax (192 kSps)<br>1 x TOS-Link (96 kSps)<br>2 x LAN (1 x uplink, 1 x out)
Outputs Pre-Amp (RCA) 2 Veff, subwoofer (RCA)<br>headphone 32 Ohm@30mW (3,5 mm jack)
Sound Management 2 channel stereo system with DSP controlled sound characteristics
Drive units

1 x 170 mm long-throw woofer

2 x 170 mm long-throw passiv radiator

2 x 100/40 mm high-performance midrange

2 x 20 mm cloth dometweeter

Mains / Accessories / Dimensions

Mains supply 100-127 V, 220 - 240V, 50-60 Hz
Power consumption max. 300 Watts, Eco standby &lt; 0,5 Watts, comfort standby 5 W
Dimensions (H x W x D)

27 x 29 x 29 cm

10.6 x 11.4 x 11.4 inch


12 kg

26.5 lb


Remote control, power cord, USB cable for charging RC, antenna Bluethooth, antenna WLAN, telescopic antenna radio

Finishes Case black with silver top and bottom covers

Technical modifications reserved