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T+A M 40 HV Mono Amplifier

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M 40 HV

Mono Power­ Amplifier

The Mono Power Amplifier

The M 40 HV provides our HV-series High-Res players and pre-amplifiers with an extremely unique, uncompromising power amplifier which satisfies the most extreme audiophile demands under a vast range of operating conditions. Of course, it can also be used to form the perfect power amplifier for any other High-End set of equipment. One thing we have learned in our forty-year history is that the world of electro-acoustics does not permit a single perfect solution to all requirements; instead every overall design philosophy offers its own strengths and weaknesses. And that is why we have consistently developed optimum solutions for each requirement, whether it is based on valve technology or the very latest form of digital signal processing.

The M 40 HV combines our experience in the various areas of High-End audio technology: audiophile valve construction for the input stages, High Voltage technology for the transistor stages, intelligent thermal processor control for the output stages together with our usual uncompromising case design and construction.

Valve Technology

To achieve all this we have equipped our finest power amplifier with a circuit design which is unique in the world, combining classic analogue techniques, valve technology, High Voltage amplifier design and intelligent parameter control. The entire input amplification section is based on carefully selected High-End valves of the 6SN7 type, operating in Class-A mode. This results in a very harmonious sonic image, and instils the musical and tonal advantages of valve technology in the sound character of the M 40 HV.

Amplifier Concept

The input stage is designed as a symmetrical differential amplifier exploiting an all-valve cascode circuit. The subsequent voltage amplifier stage is a High Voltage (HV) J-FET amplifier circuit with triode performance characteristics, which also operates in pure Class-A mode. The result is excellent bandwidth and an agile performance which defines the sound qualities of the amplifier as a whole.
At the input side the current amplifier stages are based on MOSFET driver transistors whose performance curve harmonises superbly with the HV voltage amplifier stage. At the output side the current amplifiers are equipped with no fewer than twenty extremely high-performance ring emitter bi-polar transistors. These components satisfy the most extreme demands in terms of current supply capacity and bandwidth.




T+A M 40 HV power amplifier - Read More

"Very much an amp of two halves, the M 40 HV 'Anniversary' is impressive, if a little mechanical, when used in High Power mode, but takes on both humanity and magic when running in High Current, with a gorgeously rich and natural sound across a wide range of musical genres. Stick to 'HC' and these amps are going to delight when driving high quality speakers – and yes, there's still more than enough power." - Andrew Everard

Hi-Fi News 12/2018

"T+A M 40 HV
The sound of music is raising the rafters in Eastern Westphalia as Germany’s T+A celebrates its 40th anniversary with a set of very special monoblock hybrid amplifiers.
This was a perfect demonstration of performance enhancing musical enjoyment, and revealed what makes these anniversary amps so special."

Image Hifi 4/2019- Read More

"Für immer Geburtstag
Die M 40 HV Monos sind ein Marterie gewordener Techniktraum. Es ist ihr Klang, ein Klang, der alle Farben des Klangsprectrums mit stupender Leichtigkeit beherrscht. So mächtig einem die Monos anfangs erscheinen mögen, ihr Klang macht sie sozusagen vergessen, man denkt nicht mehr über Technik, man denkt nur noch über Musik nach. Kurzum: Wohl dem, der sich diese Verstärker leisten kann! Manchmal werden Träume ja Realität und man kann sich dann mit den M 40 HV von T+A das schönste audiophile Geschenk für eine nie enden wollende audiophile Geburtstagsfeier machen."

Audio Video Polen 6/2020 - Read More

Z okazji swoich 40. urodzin (w roku 2018) T+A przygotowało kilka jubileuszowych urządzeń, między innymi monobloki M40HV. Podobno miały być wyprodukowane w limitowanej liczbie czterdziestu par...
Zaplanowany „nakład” się wyczerpał, a zainteresowanie – wcale nie, więc rodukcja trwa, a my zabieramy się do testowania."

Audio 6/2019 - Read More

"Der Himmel öffnet sich
Ich bin mit Superlativen meist vorsichtig, aber hier kann ich nicht anders: Das ist die beste verstärkende Elektronik, die je vor mir aufgespielt hat. Dabei geht es nicht um die enormen Wattzahlen, sondern um die Souveränität, um die hohe Musikalität. Selbst die Tontechniker in den großen Studios hören es nicht besser. Jede Harmonie, jede dynamische Information - alles war präsent. Fortan führen diese Verstärker unsere Bestenliste an."

Stereoplay 7/2018 - Read More

Mit diesem Superverstärker setzt sich T+A ein Denkmal und bastelt erfolgreich an der eigenen Legende. Unangreifbar im Klang-Olymp angesiedelt, kombinieren die Monos unendliche Leistungsreserven mit röhrentypischer Euphonie und Akkuratesse im leisen Bereich. Eine angemessene Vorstufe ist Pflicht."



Analogue section

Frequency response + 0 / − 3 dB 0,1 Hz – 200 kHz
Signal / noise ratio 110/114 dB
THD  /  Intermodulation < 0,001 % / < 0,001 %
Channel separation > 108 dB
Pre-amplifier outputs variable:
High level (RCA) 0...2,5 Veff / 22 Ohms, balanced (XLR) 0...5,0 Veff / 22 Ohms
High level (RCA) 2,5 Veff / 22 Ohms, balanced (XLR) 5,0 Veff / 22 Ohms
discreetly designed Class A-HV-output stage in Double-Mono-Circuitry
Volume control Gold contact relays controlled in 1 dB steps, - 90 dB to 0 dB
Headphone output Headphone output

Analogue inputs

High level (RCA)
250 mVeff ... 4,5 Veff / 10 kOhms

Digital inputs

1 x AES-EBU 32...192 kHz / 16-24 Bit
S/P-DIF: 2 x Standard Coax, 2 x optical TOS-Link 32...192 kHz / 16-24 Bit and DoP DSD64 (0x05/0xFA Marker)

1 x BNC 32...192 kHz / 16-24 Bit

2 x USB DAC: Device-Mode 44,1 ... 768 kSps (PCM) and up to DSD1024*,
supports asynchronous data transfer. *DSD 512 and DSD 1024 with Windows PC and appropriate driver installed or Linux PC with Kernel 4.4 or higher only.
Supports DoP up to DSD 256 (0x05/0xFA Marker).

2 x HDMI IN, 1 x HDMI OUT with ARC (as an option)

D/A converter section

Double-Differential-Quadruple-Converter with four 32-Bit Sigma-Delta
D/A converter per channel, 705,6 / 768 kSps conversion rate
T+A-True-1Bit DSD D/A converter, up to DSD 1024 (49,2 MHz), native bitstream
Upsampling T+A signal-processor – synchronous upsampling with four selectable oversampling algorithms. FIR short, FIR long, Bezier/IIR, Bezier, NOS (non-oversampling)
Analogue filter Phase-linear Bessel filter 3rd order, switchable with 60 or 120 kHz cut off frequency

Mains / Accessories / Dimensions

Main 200 – 240 V, 50 – 60 Hz, 30 Watts
Standby < 0,50 W
Accessories Remote control FM200, power cord, USB cable
Dimensions (W x H x D) 10 × 32 × 34 cm, 4 x 12.6 x 13.4 inch
6,2 kg, 13.7 lbs
Finishes Alu silver anodized (43), Alu schwarz anodized (42)

Technical modifi cations reserved