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T+A PA 3100 HV Integrated Amplifier

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PA 3100 HV

Integrated Amplifier

The Integrated Amplifier

The PA 3100 HV is a further development of the PA 3000 HV, and most of its sub-assemblies are identical. The immediately obvious difference is the pair of VU meters in the front panel, which display the power generated per channel in logarithmic form in Watts into 4 Ohms. A revision of the pre-amplifier section (D.C. coupling) has brought an additional improvement in sound quality.
A further development is the redesigned analogue mains section and voltage power supply, which is similar to that of the A 3000 HV. This makes it possible to connect the supplementary PS 3000 HV mains section in order to gain a further increase in stability and performance of the power supply system as a whole. The additional unit provides an extra 1800 Watt of supply power, enabling the system to control even the most difficult loudspeakers without effort, so that they can unfold the best possible sound quality.

As an option the PA 3000 HV and PA 3100 HV can also be fitted with High-End phono pre-amplifier modules which feature different circuit topologies to suit MM or MC systems. It is also possible to install the analogue signal processor module which has been developed for the P 3000 HV to provide channel-separate tone and loudness functions.
The all-metal F3001 infra-red remote control handset is supplied as standard.


Circuit Topology

As with the P 3000 HV, the circuit topology is based on a differential cascode amplifier with individually selected audio J-FET transistors, and stages of completely discrete construction without op-amps (operational amplifiers). Virtually no overall negative feedback is required due to this circuit arrangement and the quality of the components employed. The high operating voltage of HV technology is the key to excellent linearity combined with extremely wide dynamic range: signals up to 60 Vss can be processed without distortion.
In the HV series the signal switching and adjusting functions are carried out by encapsulated gas-tight gold-contact relays, which are totally immune to contact problems due to corrosion, dust, etc., and do not suffer from ageing effects even after many years of operation. The pre-amplifier even employs bi-stable relays, which require no permanent coil current, and this in turn eliminates any adverse inductive effect on the audio signals.
The direct integration of the relays into the circuit minimises the signal paths, and connecting cables - as required for conventional volume potentiometers - are no longer necessary. The volume control is assembled from discrete precision resistors and gold-contact relays. The result is totally precise channel matching, devoid of distortion and hiss.

Control Circuitry

The entire control electronics are deeply recessed and shielded in the 40 mm thick and fully milled front panel, on the front of which is the luminous and dimmable display (VFD) made of glass with wear-free sensor buttons.








T+A PA3100 HV integrated amplifier - Read More

"Anyone wishing to get as much as possible from a single, very solid box will also find its headphone amp, optional phono card, and APM with tone controls and room equalization quite attractive. Put it all together, and you've got an excellent, meticulously engineered, beautifully made integrated amplifier that seems tailor-made for many audiophiles." - Jason Victor Serinus 

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"Not only did I really enjoy my time with the PA 3100 HV -- I could easily envision my no-compromise self living with one long term. I bet you’d feel the same way." - Jeff Fritz



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"For me, the T+A PA 3100 HV integrated amplifier and the PDP 3000 HV SACD/CD/DAC are two of the top players in their respective component categories. Depending on compatibility and specific system needs, maybe even the gold standard for now. Of course, I have not heard everything and there seems to be something new announced every day—especially in the digital world. But, compared to some of the very best, there is no question that they perform at an elite level and will provide enjoyment for years to come. When you take into account the engineering, technology and quality that is implemented throughout, these two are an absolute must audition. Highly recommended!" - Robert S. Youman

Recommended Reference Component: T+A Elektroakustik PA 3100 HV Integrated Amplifier - Read More

"In his “Conclusions” section, Jeff acknowledged that for the PA 3100 HV’s price “you could easily get a superb preamplifier and stereo power amplifier,” and that its weight and size “won’t save you much space.” In those ways, practical the PA 3100 HV is not. But, as he also pointed out, the T+A “doesn’t pretend to be an all-in-one integrated amp designed for those of you who are downsizing” in size and/or price. Instead, the PA 3100 HV delivers separates-like sound quality “in a package that exudes German engineering quality: properly sorted features, slick ergonomics, stunning build quality.” It was T+A’s no-compromise approach to designing and crafting the PA 3100 HV that earned it a Reviewers’ Choice nod when Jeff’s review was published -- and now has earned its inclusion in our list of Recommended Reference Components." - SoundStage! Hi-Fi Editors

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"The PA 3000 HV lives in the same space as some really tasty pre/power combinations, but it can more than hold its own.

Build quality is brilliant, as is its ability to unravel a recording – this is a product to take very seriously indeed." - What Hi-Fi?

Audio 10/2021 - Read More

Seit nunmehr vier Jahren amtieren der Multiplayer MP 3100 HV und der Vollverstärker PA 3100 HV als Referenzen im Audio-Hörraum. Neben ihren klanglichen Meriten hat ihre Zuverlässigkeit sie auf dem Thron gehalten. Ein Langzeittest als Hommage."

Audio Test 2/2019 

"Wunder der Wissenschaft

Der PA 3100 HV ist ein definitives Statement in Sachen Vollverstärker und das hört man in jedem Ton. Hier produziert angewandte Wissenschaft klangliche Resultate, die auch höchsten Ansprüchen genügen. Der Preispunkt mag hoch liegen, aber wer sich darüber wundert, sollte den PA 3100 HV einfach mal Probe hören. Wir sind uns sicher, dass so alle Fragen ganz von selbst beantwortet werden." 6/2017 - Read More

"Der PA 3100 HV spielt absolut souverän, völlig ausgewogen und mit enormem Feingeist. Dennoch kann man seine Ergänzung durch das PS 3000 HV ruhigen Gewissens nachdrücklich empfehlen, denn mit Netzteil spielt der PA 3100 HV noch eine Liga höher. Wer das Duo hört, wird merken, die zwei gehören zusammen."

Stereo Magazine 10 - Read More

"In stereo‘s top echelons it’s not all pre/power amps – there are
some integrated amps up there, too. T + A’s brand new PA 3100 HV aiming at top honors – and it has a secret weapon in the form of a powerful auxiliary power supply.
Those who can afford it should not hesitate. Currently, we do not know a better amplifier – even without the additional power supply."

Hifi News 5/2017 - Read More

"The PA 3100 HV, despite its size, is the antithesis of a big bruiser amplifier. More BMW than Porsche, it delivers a refined confident listening experience with excellent weight, poise and speaker-driving ability. The improvements brougth by adding the power supply PS 3000 HV are noticable enough - the sound becomes even more surefooted - but justifying the extra outlay will be a matter of personal preference."


Fidelity 4/2017 - Read More

"Sichere Bank
Wer die eigene Stereoanlage aufwerten will, spielt immer wieder alle Variablen dieser komplexen Gleichung durch. Steht dort ein T+A PA 3100 HV gibt es eine Unbekannte weniger.
Auch mit anderen Lautsprechern und wechselnder Musik wiederholt sich das stets gleiche Bild: Der PA 3100 HV agiert immer durchsichtig, phänomenal detailliert und doch fließend und ohne Schärfe. Keiner der angeschlossenen Lautsprecher konnte ihm auch nur eine minimale Änderung dieser Gangart beibringen, der T+A macht jeder Anlage klar, wer der Chef im Ring ist."


stereoplay 4/2017 - Read More

"Zart mit eiserner Faust
Ohne langes Wenn und Aber einer der vielleicht zwei,drei besten Vollverstärker überhaupt. Klanglich absolut souverän, aber auch zart und eindringlich. Diese an sich unmögliche Kombination aus PA 3100 HV und PS 3000 HV hat ihren Preis - und ist ihn auch wert."

Audio 3/2017 - Read More

Einer der besten Transistor-Verstärker, leise und laut schier unschlagbar, auch ohne Zusatz-Stromversorgung. Unter diesem Niveau will man keinen Transistor-Verstärker mehr dulden. Ein starkes Stück."


stereo 2/2017 - Read More

Einen besseren Vollverstärker kennen wir derzeit nicht. Selbst ohne Zusatznetzteil. Wer ihn sich leisten kann, sollte nicht zögern. Die hervorragende Aufnahme vom Tribute an Ella Fitzgerald aus dem Jahr 1997 hatte nach all den Jahren doch noch neue Aspekte zu bieten. Dem PA 3100 HV sei Dank."



Pre-amplifier stage

Frequency response + 0 / − 3 dB 0,5 Hz – 300 kHz
Signal / noise ratio 105 / 110 dB
Total harmonic distortion < 0,001 % 
Intermodulation < 0,001 %
Channel separation > 90 dB
Nominal input sensitivity High level (RCA) 7 x 250 mVeff ... 6 Veff / 20 kOhms
Nominal input sensitivity Balanced (XLR) 4 x 500 mVeff ... 12 Veff / 5 kOhms


Headphone 50 Ohms
1 x Recorder 250 mVeff / 100 Ohms
PRE out RCA nom 1 Veff, max 9,5 Veff / 50 Ohms
nom 1,45 Veff, max 19,6 Veff / 50 Ohms

Output stage

RMS output per channel into 8 Ohms 300 Watts
RMS output per channel into 4 Ohms 500 Watts
Peak output into 8 Ohms 380 Watts
Peak output into 4 Ohms 700 Watts
Power bandwith 1 Hz – 150 kHz
Frequency response + 0/– 3 dB 0,5 Hz – 180 kHz
Slew rate 60 V/µs
Damping factor > 65
Signal / noise ratio > 115 dB
Total harmonic distortion < 0,03 %
Reservoir capacity 120000 µF

Mains / Accessories / Dimensions

Mains 110 V/60 Hz or 220/240 V/50 Hz
Standby < 0,5 W
Remote control F 3001
Features Trigger input +5 ... 20V for external switching-on
Input 4 can be configured in surround mode
(Surround pass-through)
connectivity for additional PS 3000 HV
LAN connector for home-automation systems
Optional Accessories PS 3000 HV Power Supply | PH HV MM oder MC phono module | APM signal processor module | Power Three HD (Carbon) | Power Bar | Audio Quad (Carbon) | Speaker Hex (Carbon) HV-Individual finish (Individual colours on request)| IP control
Dimensions (W x H x D)/Weight 17 x 46 x 46 cm / 38 kg
Finishes Case: silver laquer 47 or titanium laquer 64
Heat sink: black 42

Technical modifications reserved