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Pro-Ject Audio Systems

Pro-Ject Tonearm Signature 9

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Signature Tonearms 9“

Single pivot tonearm with SME headshell connection


  • Single pivot design with minimised bearing friction
  • Non magnetic low resonance construction
  • Fits low to high cartridge mass, including 32gr. SPU
  • High rigidity aluminium headshell (12gr) with built-in fingerlift included, allows 1/2 inch cartridge mount
  • High conductivity OFC headshell cables included
  • Azimuth adjustment with screw on side
  • Built-in 5-pin DIN connector (tonearm cable not included)
  • High gloss finish
  • Measure it, Alignment + Mounting distance tools included
  • Delivered in exclusive wooden jewel box
  • Optional headshells available: Wood (8gr) & Carbon (10gr)


    Effective tonearm lenght in mm (from the tonearm pivot to the stylus) 230.0
    Mounting distance (from the tonearm pivot to the spindle) 212.0
    Offset angle (between a groove and the stylus direction) 24°
    Overhang in mm (from the spindle to the stylus) 18.0
    Effective tonearm mass in grams 17,2 18,5 19,5 (including Alu headshell) 17.2
    Counterweight rotation diameter in mm 77
    Cartridge weight range in grams 5-23 5-25 5-25 (depending on individual headshell weight) 5-23