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Triangle Audio

Triangle AIO Pro A50

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TRIANGLE - AIO PRO A50 - WiFi & Bluetooth Enabled Integrated Amplifier

Connect Your Home

Bring incredible sound to your home with a state of art wireless loudspeaker designed and developed by with French expertise. The AIO series brings innovative audio technology combined with the traditional acoustic engineering history of Triangle.

Bluetooth, Wifi, Internet radio, high-res streaming – discover hundreds of possibilities that AIO technology can offer. Create a multiroom system and fill your home with pure, refined sound.

The AIO PRO A50 is an integrated stereo amplifier and multizone streamer amplifier. It has been designed to power a pair of Secret Custom-Install or some bookshelf speakers.

Featuring a 2 x 50 watt Class D amplifier, the AIO PRO A50 integrates all AIO technologies allowing you to stream your music wirelessly to create a multiroom environment. You can create up to 12 zones * with all AIO compatible products.

The AIO Pro A50 is the ideal solution to easily install an invisible and ultra-connected music system at home or at small businesses such as cafes / bars / restaurants etc…

Mounted on the wall or in a suspended ceiling, you can control the amplifier with the TRIANGLE AIO application, via Bluetooth, via the supplied remote control or via an RS232 compatible control system.