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Triangle Audio

Triangle Audio Magellan Cello


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The Pinaccle of French Audio Engineering

Triangle Audio Magellan Quatuor

Triangle Audio Magellan Quatuor - A unique experience among high-end loudspeakers. Sound image has now entered a new dimension. Quatuor masters the stage with such elegance. The rear tweeter has opened wide the gates to freedom. It is stylishly sleek and refined.


All the technologies of the Grand Concert in a reasonably sized loudspeaker. Without even realizing it, you are tapping your feet. You are in the heart of the music and you want the moment to last.

When listening to this loudspeaker, the magic of music unfurls before you. triangle has succeeded in adapting the performances and the immaculate control of the magellan Grand Concert to this reasonably sized loudspeaker.
Cello provides that extra something which conveys the intense emotion of a musical performance without appearing to make any particular effort.

The listening experience is pure unlimited pleasure regardless of the type of music, delivered with magnificent scale and it’s never tiring. It has a wide array of musical skills. It’s as perfectly at ease at high volume level as it is for intimate listening, and is suitable for rooms measuring 25 to 50 m2. The sandwich technology developed by the aerospace industry ensures that the two bass drivers are extremely lightweight and also particularly rigid.

woofer speaker Magellan triangle hifi techno EN

Woofer T16GM-MT15-THG06

In the MAGELLAN range, the woofers deliver realistic acoustic levels with minimum distortion.


  • Number of drivers4
  • Number of ways3
  • TweeterTZ2900 GC
  • MidrangeT16GMF100-THG06
  • WooferT16GM-MT15-GC2
  • Sensitivity91 dB/W/m
  • Frequency range35 Hz – 20 Khz (+/-3dB)
  • Power handling200 W
  • Repetitive peak power350 W
  • Nominal impedance8 Ω
  • Minimum impedance3 Ω
  • High frequency roll-off2800 (24dB/Oct)
  • Dimensions1138 x 423 x 371 mm
  • Weight34 kg