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Van den Hul

Van den Hul 3T The Cloud SE Speaker Cable

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The 3T The Cloud Hybrid cable is a four lead construction that can be used for stereo (2-2), bi-wire (2-4) and/or bi-amp (4-4) applications.

Each lead is coated with a heavy L.S.C. Layer to improve the already very high transmission quality. This gold colored Hulliflex insulated loudspeaker cable is made of 4 x AWG – 8 groups of 3T strands. Each group is made of 6 x 7 strands with each strand a diameter of 0.34 mm, combined a seize of AWG-8 together. A thin centre-conductor is added for ground-termination connection between speaker(filter) and amplifier. 

Each of the 4 AWG-8 conductor groups is coated with a heavy L.S.C. layer to improve the already very high transmission quality. Its multi-strand 3.26 mm diameter conductors bring what you probably have never heard before through your speakers. Extended bass-range, unsurpassed purity in the top-end and overall extreme dynamics. This is how music was meant to be reproduced!

The outer diameter of The CloudHybrid is 15.4 mm, the jacket is made of gold HULLIFLEX®. We supply 3T The Cloud in an excellent hard case hand luggage to secure a save transport.

3T The Cloud Hybrid

Design purpose Loudspeaker cable, Quad lead
Available versions Bi-amping, Bi-wiring, Stereo
Conductor material 3T
External diameter 15.4mm
Product range High-end
Jacket color gold-colored