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  • van den Hul - Cloud 3T Speaker Cable
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Van den Hul

van den Hul 3T The Cumulus Speaker Cable

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The 3T The Cumulus Hybrid is van den Hul's most prestigious speaker cable.

The gold colored Hulliflex insulation surrounds a real sturdy loudspeaker cable with a very impressive sound-quality combined with an impressive visual performance.

Also the 3T The Cumulus Hybrid has a quad construction with 4 separate Hulliflex insulated conductors Each of the 4 AWG – 5  3T conductors in The Cumulus is made of a group of multiple 3T strands to produce the best sound quality ever. The 3T The Cumulus Hybrid has an outer diameter close to 27.0 mm.

The 3T The Cumulus Hybrid cable is a four lead construction that can be used for:

 stereo (2-2)

 bi-wire (2-4) and/or

 bi-amp (4-4) applications

3T The Cumulus Hybrid

Design purpose:  Loudspeaker cable, Quad lead

Available versions:  Bi-amping, Bi-wiring, Stereo

Conductor material:  3T

External diameter:  27.0mm

Product range:  High-end

Jacket color:  gold-colored