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Pro-Ject Audio Systems

Pro-Ject VC-S, S2 7" Arm Kit

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VC 7″ Kit MKII

Complete add-on kit for 7” records

Add-on for cleaning 7” records on VC-S/S2/S3/E/E2 will help to recondition your valuable vinyls. Whereas the standard record clamp and vacuum arm are perfect for 12 inches, this 7” kit fulfills your needs for 7” singles. A dedicated clamp and a vacuum arm that gives full vacuum power is included as well as a spare bottle of 100ml Wash it 2 cleaning concentrate.



  • Versions for VC-S, VC-S MkII, VC-E, VC-E2, VC-S2 Alu, VC-S3
  • Optimized cleaning efficiency for 7” records
  • Vacuum arm for 7” records including short adhesive velvet strips
  • Clamp for 7” records (standard clamp will not fit)
  • Wash it 2 vinyl cleaning concentrate (100ml bottle).