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Vicoustic VicStudio VMT Box

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A kit with 6 Flat Panel VMT + 6 VicSpacers Plus + 4 Multifuser DC3

VicStudio VMT Box is an acoustic kit that you can acquire to treat your Project Studio. Depending on your goals and/or available budget for the room you may acquire one or several boxes. It’s just a matter of how many boxes you buy! At Vicoustic, we understand that every Home Studio will always be a compromise between the available budget and the ideal case-scenario. And this should also not limit the visual aspect of the room, as a comfortable environment is the basis of productivity, wether you’re composing, mixing, mastering, etc. Acoustic solutions will always have a visual impact. The aesthetics of your Home Studio are an important factor for your comfort and, consequently, for the work you carry out inside of the room - which is likely to involve long hours and to require a lot of concentration. At Vicoustic, we want to make sure that this impact is positive! The VicStudio VMT Box can be acquired in three different finishes, so that you have more options available when it comes to deciding the look you want for your room.


  • Main Info

    • Dimensions: VicSpacer Plus with Flat Panel VMT: 595 × 1190 × 60 mm / 23,4” × 46,8” × 3,8”; Multifuser DC3: 595 × 595 × 147 mm / 23.4’’ x 23.4’’ x 5.8’’; VicFix Corner: 80 × 83 × 21,5 mm / 3,14” × 3,3” × 0,8”

    • Raw Material: VicPET Wool, Solid Wood and Lacquered Steel; Expanded Polystyrene

    • Scratch Resistance: No

    • Washable: No

  • Performance

    • Functionality: Absorption and Diffusion

    • Absorption Frequency Range: Medium Frequencies

  • Packaging Information

    • Units/Box: 6 Flat Panel VMT; 6 VicSpacers Plus; 4 Multifuser DC3; 4 VicFix Corner / 5 boxes

    • Box Dimensions: (3x) 1228 x 180 x 105mm / 48.3'' x 7.1'' x 4.1'' ; 1265 x 665 x 190mm / 49.8'' x 26.2'' x 7,5'' ; 1265 x 665 x 355mm / 49.8'' x26.2'' x 14''

    • Box Gross Weight: 73,4kg

  • Installation

    • Fixation: VicFix Mini, VicFix Corner and Glue (included)

    • Place: Ceiling, Walls and Corners

  • Disclaimers

    • Please notice that the dimensions of these panels have a tolerance of +/- 2mm. A slight color variation may occur between different batches. The product images used are illustrative and may differ from the actual product.