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Viva Audio

ViVa Audio L1 Pre Amplifiers

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L1 Pre Amplifiers

A single chassis preamplifier with internal power supply

Similar to Linea, this preamplifier uses an extremely short signal path with only one active stage maintained in a simple topology. It is complemented with specially selected parts and a state-of-the-art quality output transformer.


L1 is offered in the finest automotive lacquers in a virtually unlimited array of colors. We can assist in the selection to match the elements of your interior according to your wishes. There are no limitations with our fully customized products.

Through our local offices and dealers, we offer the option of helping you to set up and connect your Viva Audio equipment in order to assure the absolute best result of our state-of-the-art technology.

State-of-the-art quality

Robustly built, L1 delivers exceptional sound dynamics and impact at both micro- and macro-levels. The deep, tight, accurate bass adds to the transparent and liquid midrange with a sense of openness and a lack of compression in the upper frequencies. As with all our products, L1 is hand-assembled and tuned by our team of expert audio artisans. Through this approach, we achieve our main goal and trademark of Viva Audio design: to communicate the original sound, meaning and emotions of a live performance.



Dimensions w×h×d 410×185×410 mm
Weight 15 kg

Stereo line preamplifier

Triode tubes
Tube Complement 2×6C45Pi
One active stage for shortest path. Zero feedback single-ended

Class A circuit featuring low noise and fast musical behavior

Real point to point circuitry

Buffered second output with level control, ready for bi-amplification
Four Line Inputs, one direct Input, one XLR Input
Unbalanced and balanced outputs
Output Impedance 130 Ohms allows long output cables.
Remote controlled volume control
Aluminum chassis for non magnetic property