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VPI Industries

VPI Industries Dual Pivot Assembly

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Easily Installable VPI Dual Pivot Adapter Eliminates Wobble, Increases Stability, Turns VPI Unipivot Tonearms Into a Dual-Pivot Design: Compatible With Any VPI 3D or Metal JMW Tonearm

Effortlessly turn your existing VPI 3D or metal JMW tonearm into a dual-pivot design with the VPI Dual Pivot tonearm adapter. Installable within minutes (simple instructions are provided), this clever modification pays sonic and mechanical dividends that dwarf its relatively inexpensive cost. By completely eliminating horizontal wobble – common to nearly all unipivot tonearms – the Dual Pivot tonearm adapter creates an entirely stable tonearm and, by extension, grants greater steadiness when tracking record grooves. Sonically, you'll hear improvements in soundstaging, imaging, and bass response. Designed and approved by VPI founder Harry Weisfeld. Analog upgrades don't come any easier!