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VPI Industries

VPI Industries HW-40 Isolation Feet

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VPI HW-40 Isolation Feet


VPI HW-40 Isolation feet are compatible with all VPI tables but easily compatible with all HW-19 Series, Classic Series, Scout (1.1, 2, Master), Aries (any that use the HR-X mini foot) and Prime Series.

Turn your legacy product anew with a simple at home upgrade.

What's in the Kit?

  1. Kit A - x4 HW-40 Feet | x4 HW-40 Pads | x4 Spacers | x4 Small Motor Feet
  2. Kit B - x4 HW-40 Feet | x4 Small Motor Feet | x16 Spacers
  3. Kit C - x4 HW-40 Feet | x4 HW-40 Pads | x4 Isolators
  4. Kit D - x4 HW-40 Feet | x4 HW-40 Pads
  5. Kit E - X4 HW-40 Feet | x4 HW-40 Pads| x4 Special Isolators