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VPI Industries

VPI Industries MW-1 Cyclone Cleaning Machine


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VPI MW-1 Cyclone

The MW-1 Cyclone was to pay tribute to the HW-16.5, which started VPI, and honor the passing of the torch from Harry to Mat Weisfeld. 

The MW-1 Cyclone is the first and only record cleaning machine (that we are aware of) that vacuums dirt off the record clockwise and counterclockwise to really clean out the grooves. This motor is a high torque 18 RPM forward and reverse turntable motor. The MW-1 is housed in an aluminum waterproof case with a welded stainless steel water tank that drains out the back. The bidirectional turntable motor allows you to scrub and vacuum in both directions for the ultimate in deep cleaning. Professional quality toggle switches with 100 thousand cycle life.

The turntable motor is designed to last decades and is inspired by the original HW 16 which is still working 30 years later. The vacuum motor is so powerful it is rated to lift mercury 120 inches pulling the grim off your records. All components of heavy-duty industry quality and include a 2-inch delrin record clamp. In addition, the MW-1 Cyclone is quieter than the HW-16.5 and more durable with its aluminum casing. For good measure, we took the final model and kicked it down a flight of steps. That model is currently cleaning records in our listening room and can clean your record in under 30 seconds! That being said the roll down the steps did do a number on the paint job!



VPI MW-1 Cyclone Record Cleaning Machine - Read More

"Cleaning in both directions makes sense to me and given a choice between the one directional 16.5 and the new Cyclone, my choice would be to go with the later. Either way it would not be a bad decision as my 16.5 has always done such a good job of cleaning my dusty old LPs. For me though all the positives of this new machine were just too much to pass on and so I purchased the WM-1 Cyclone review sample. So today I am happily cleaning and vacuuming in both directions while my wife is content that this is done just a bit more quietly. As always, when reviewing gear from Harry Weisfeld and now his son Mat, all that can be said is, "What is not to like?" The MW-1 Cyclone is highly recommended for anyone serious about their vinyl, which hopefully is everyone who is into music. With this "first" out of the way it will be interested to see what other new creations Mat might eventually add to VPI Industries product line." - Anthony Nicosia


VPI MW1 Cyclone Record-Cleaning Machine - Read More

"With VPI’s MW-1 Cyclone set up in my basement close to my turntable, I feel as if I’m something of a professional vinyl guy. While $1200 might seem a bit stiff, once you consider the fact that the Cyclone will likely last a literal lifetime, it begins to feel like a bargain.  " - Jason Thorpe



Type Moving Coil
Weight 8.9 grams
Body Material Bloodwood
Tracking Force 2.3 grams
Impedance 16 ohm
Output 0.22 mV
Frequency Range (-3 dB) 20 - 25k Hz
Compliance (10Hz) 9x10-6cm/dyne
Stylus Shape Elliptic