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VPI Industries

VPI Industries Vanquish System

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VPI Vanquish Turntable

The State-of the-Art Vanquish Table is a refined version of a Bespoke/limited model made by VPI Founder Harry Weisfeld, “The Vanquish”. The new one uses advancements in Direct Drive Technology based off of VPI’s HW-40 Direct Drive motor on a next level design.  Motion control circuitry/software, material study, and vibration isolation technology are based off refinements by VPI Engineering.  In addition, the Vanquish is not a normal Direct Drive turntable, it is a Magnetic Direct Drive Turntable.

The Vanquish comes in VPI’s known Reference tripod shape giving the user the ability to mount up to 3 tonearms of any length, type, or manufacturer's brand.  VPI believes tonearms are a very personal/subjective choice for a listener. 

The Vanquish is complete with VPI’s latest in high resolution 3D technology being mounted with a VPI Fatboy tonearm (choice of Uni or Gimbal bearing).   The Vanquish Fatboy is VPI’s first 14” 3D tonearm that provides both rigidity and resonance cancelling.  That being said the Vanquish is availablbe in all lengths (9, 10, 12, 14) at no additional cost.

The new Vanquish layers armboard has been designed for additional isolation for the tonearm.

The Vanquish power supply and motor controls have been relocated to an outside both for additional shielding and noise reduction from an already dead quite unit.

All components are complete with the VPI Vanquish Stand that shares the sleek design and materials from the award winning VPI Avenger Series Turntable.   The stand has machined openings in the back to easily run and hide any cables to and from the Vanquish and associated components.  In addition, the rack provides enough space to conveniently add a line stage.

Turntable Features