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Wireworld Cable

Wireworld Oasis 8 RCA Interconnects

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Astonishing Transparency and Tonal Accuracy for a Price That Leaves Plenty of Room for More Music and Movies: Wireworld Oasis 8 Interconnects Feature Cutting-Edge Technology

For leading audio designers, achieving faithful reproduction of a recorded musical performance remains the number-one priority. That's exactly what Wireworld founder David Salz strives to accomplish with his Series 8 interconnects. While the company's flagship Platinum wire gets nearest to the bullseye, Oasis 8 interconnects deliver a level of astonishing sonic transparency and tonal accuracy for a price that still leaves room for movie rentals and music downloads.

Oasis 8's realism can be partially attributed to its patented Delineated Neutralizing Array (DNA), the same found in Wireworld's flagship models. And because Oasis 8's three oxygen-free conductor strands are precisely arranged in perfect parallel regardless of cable positioning, "eddy current" signal loss gets dramatically reduced. Such innovation enables Oasis 8 to convey gobs of musical detail and the kind of thrilling dynamics ordinary cables simply can't produce.

Of course, plenty of budget interconnects look professional on the outside. But good luck finding any equipped with the cutting-edge technology found in Oasis 8. In order to protect your system from the electromagnetic noise and radio interference that robs music of energy and clarity, Wireworld encases Oasis 8's conductors in Composilex 3. The proprietary shielding blend preserves the purity of the transmission signal by minimizing triboelectric noise far better than ordinary insulation material found in conventional cables. The result: Drastic improvements in vividness, focus, and contrast.

Along with its superb sonics, Oasis 8's sturdy construction and ease of use make it ideal for smaller systems and custom installations. Wireworld's handy, silver-clad Uni-Term connectors allow for easy swapping between banana and spade terminations. Uni-Term's specialized construction also permits Oasis 8 to deliver lightning-fast transients.

Think it all sounds too good to be true? Audition it in your home today with the security of our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.


Design: Tri DNA Helix
Signal Conductors: 3 (12 strand groups), Gauge: 21AWG, 0.4 sq. mm
Conductor Material: Oxygen-Free Copper
Insulation: Composilex 3
Plug Contacts: Silver-clad OFC