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House of Stereo is the location for high fidelity headphones, headphone amplifiers, and all of your favorite brands. from Focal to Audio-Technica, T+A, Grado, KLH and many more!
We offer a wide array of excellent high fidelity headphones for any budget. In addition, we also offer headphone amplifiers, and cabling to elevate your system beyond all expectations!

  • Focal Clear

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  • T+A Solitaire P

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T+A AMP + Headphones

Available with House Of Stereo. Check out our review of this component!

The T+A HA 200 features a Class A amplifier section paired with T+A's most advanced 1-bit DAC. It is the first headphone amp to decode DSD1024 and is easily the best we've heard.

  • Focal Utopia

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  • Sold

    Grado PS2000e

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    Audio Technica A2000Z

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Best Focal headphone demo I've ever done right here at House Of Stereo. Knowledgeable guys!

G. Larson
Highly recommended. Service above and beyond expectations. Interior setup offers a unique experience. Thoroughly enjoyed my time there.
M. Bogart
Visiting House of Stereo is hands down the best way to buy quality audio gear. I've visited listening rooms in Brooklyn. Manhattan, San Fransico (and others) and the time that HOS takes with you is unrivaled.
B. Eklund

T+A HA200 & Solitaire P

We can confirm this is the best headphone amp we have ever heard, hands down.

Our Review!

We had the pleasure of running, testing and enjoying this system in our store so we took the time to carefully document it from unboxing to reviewing.

“The Solitaire Ps say they know they are good, and they don’t have to prove anything with mere baubles and fripperies.

Everything inside the box is laid out with military precision. Two superb, high-quality detachable cables are included in the box. T+A gives a choice of cables when ordering the Solitaire P headphones. “Mark Sparrow, Forbes